Culbertson, NE
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About the Work

The work of Don Dernovich represents his personal thoughts, feelings and ideas about the landscape. His respect for the land and the water, are evident in what Don chooses to paint. “Everything is derived from the earth and is dependent on the earth for survival”, Don says.
Don spends days in the field, sketching, painting and photographing that which interests him. Don’s time outdoors familiarizes him with the natural environment necessary in relating an honest and genuine interpretation of the landscape. Each work conveys the elements inherent to that particular scene. Being aware of the textures, values, shadow, light, edges, shapes, and atmosphere, are what is important. Each painting is an honest commitment to the truth of the

“Nothing come’s easy in painting. Each one is very difficult and controls the way I work. It is a constant struggle between the painting and me. I work intuitively with each brush stroke dictating what I do next. I discipline myself to stick with it, attempting to solve problems as they arise. Above all, I strive to be honest in my work. It is a painting first, showing the human element of the painting process. On close inspection, it becomes obvious that detail is only suggested. The image appears through the control and manipulation of the brush stroke. When I feel the painting is getting close to completion, I will set it aside for a period of time. I will put a frame on it to isolate it from outside distractions and again look at it with a fresh eye. In so doing, I am able to detect changes that need to be done. I then ask myself if it is completed or not. This question is a hard one to answer because I feel I could always do more. One reaches a point, however, when he has to say, enough is enough! Each finished painting lays the groundwork for the next painting … and the next and the next. Painting is what I’m all about. Hopefully it affords a way for me to convey my feelings about the beauty we have on this earth. If I can do this, I then feel I have earned some measure of success”.